The Dealer Tracker - Roulette Calculator

The dealer tracker is a very clever roulette calculator that measures the distance from the number the dealer spun the ball from.
For example, when the dealer spins the ball they should always spin the ball from the area it last landed on, so if the last number spun was 17, the dealer would then spin the ball from 17. The table alternates from clockwise to anti-clockwise on each spin.

What the dealer tracker does is measure the distance from the last number (17) and count the number of spaces to the new number. Lets say the new number was 30, the count would be 7 clockwise of 17.
It also logs the direction that the ball was spun. So lets say the ball was spun left on the number 17. When the result came in as the number 30, the calculator logs the information that the ball spun left and landed 7 numbers clockwise of that number. So on the next left spin, the roulette calculator board will highlight the predicted area in which the ball should land.
Lets say the ball is on 14 and is due to be spun left, the calculator will highlight the number 28 as this is 7 numbers clockwise from where it is going to be spun from.

Once you have entered a lot of results from a particular dealer, you may or may not see a pattern based on the dealers consistency. If the dealer is been very inconsistent, you would have the knowledge to try another table or dealer, if the dealer is showing very consistent patterns, this is a great advantage to place targeted bets.

If you are interested in the online casino we was using for the above demonstrations, you can see it here: Super Casino Bonus - Table name: Roulette Express Premium


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