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Calculator Vidoes Submitted

Mode Increase / Loss Casino Played Table Type
Auto R-C vid 1
Real Cash £300 increase Supercasino Live
Auto R-C vid 2
Real Cash £183 increase Supercasino Live
Auto R-C vid 3
Real Cash £171 increase Supercasino Live
Free Play £52 increase WilliamHill Automated
Free Play £70 Loss WilliamHill Automated
Real Cash £55 increase EuroGrand Automated
Free Play £60 increase LuckyLiveCasino Live
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Enter Site Super Casino
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Enter Site William Hill
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Enter Site 888 .com
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Enter Site 32 Red .com
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Enter Site Lucky Live Casino
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Note : I play a number of casinos at the same time on multiple screens.

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Roulette Calculator and free Roulette Strategies

Important ! Read ! Understand !

Key Points you must understand.

1. You use this at your own risk. It is a tool designed to give you an insight nothing more.

2. The depth you set the drop down to determines how safe or unsafe your bet will be.

3. WARNING. Chases can go on for a while. They are risky but if played from a good bank roll, a low starting bet can be a good method to increase your pot.

4. Once you build up a good pot, remember to draw money out. Otherwise a bad chase could take your whole pot!