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Auto R-C vid 1
Real Cash £300 increase Supercasino Live
Auto R-C vid 2
Real Cash £183 increase Supercasino Live
Auto R-C vid 3
Real Cash £171 increase Supercasino Live
Free Play £52 increase WilliamHill Automated
Free Play £70 Loss WilliamHill Automated
Real Cash £55 increase EuroGrand Automated
Free Play £60 increase LuckyLiveCasino Live
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Note : I play a number of casinos at the same time on multiple screens.

Roulette Calculator and free Roulette Strategies

Important ! Read ! Understand !

Key Points you must understand.

1. You use this at your own risk. It is a tool designed to give you an edge nothing more.

2. The depth you set the drop down to determines how safe or unsafe your bet will be.

3. A chase is used so that if you lose, you follow with enough chips to cover your bet + the bet before and give you a small margin of profit over the chase.

4. WARNING. Chases can go on for a while. They are risky but if played from a good bank roll, a low starting bet can be a good method to increase your pot.

5. Once you build up a good pot, remember to draw money out, otherwise a bad chase could take your whole pot!

6. Your growth of starting bid needs to be very very very slow. A starting bid of 1 should be used until you have a pot of at least 800 before moving to a starting bid of 2!

7. Be aware and watch the tables. If the Depth goes below 20 on a chase this is very bad! Each day on a table it will hit 21 on a run into the depth. Bankroll to cover, if a casino table hits this often, change casino.

8. Tables that are displayed on TV are a good option, but slow.

9. If playing multiple tables at a time to increase bet frequency don't drop the chase by losing concentration.

10. Have fun, it is a game. This is a calculator built to give you more inside information on your betting strategy.

11. If you want to learn methods to do this in your head & card count, visit : or keep using this and it will do it for you :)

12. Nothing is fool proof, but use play money and test, re-test play, test, change settings, test some more. Only ever play with real money if you can afford to lose it. Understand the calculator and use it at your own risk.

13. This calculator helps work out for betting on 3rds & on 50/50 if fools chase is switched on! Be aware fools chase is a good way to kill your bank roll / pot.

Chase & Why

A chase is a method of betting that when lost, increases. Some chases increase fast and are higher risk ( fools chase ) but more profitable. Some are slower safer and less profitable it is weighing these factors into the depth of betting that helps fine tune methods. Play money to test & keep testing.

Why follow depth

Depth is simply how many times a number has not been seen by tracking this on a truly random event. The odds increase of seeing a number come out that has not come out in a long time. The depth is simply a way of following this down before you start a bet.

Negative Follow & what is it

Negative follow is counting how many times something has not been seen & working with only the 3rds, and 50/50's it enables the odds to increase before you place a bet. Some look at this as a great way to bet as 1/3 of the board should come out 1/3 of the time so if this has not been seen in for example a depth of 8 goes. The odds start to become favourable to start a chase. BUT on the other hand some look at this is if it has not come out in 8 goes. What is to say it will within the next 8 goes ? And does your chase have enough funds to follow it down the rabbit whole until it comes out.

Positive Follow & what is it

Positive follow is along the lines of the negative follow but more pattern based. If you watch a table often 2 numbers will follow each other that fit into one of the first three /3rd ( 12s ) now positive follow can be done on every bet but this is risky. It is better to start a chase a few in, watching a table and then being ready to follow in the hope of this is another way of starting a chase with a small advantage on betting blind.

Personal note :
I built this to use myself & I do use this myself and have won, I have also lost. But had winning streaks that have lasted days and cashed out well. Play within your means!

Practise with play money and test as if the practise money was real ! This is important when testing the depth's of your settings, play & change settings and report findings & good and bad casinos : Report your findings on

Note :
This is a system calculator to help keep track, build odds and aim to (if played correctly) give the upper edge to the player. This lets you keep track of depth's of increasing odds down in 2 systems running alongside each other. You can play both or either, the key is not to start high as each bet has a chase to help play the odds to your favour. Be aware that a casino online Or offline if playing this on a mobile has longer runs of unexpected odds than you would expect. This calculator is the first step to jumping your betting into the odds at a depth that you select. The deeper the start point the more chance of you winning. The flip side is that while you wait you may never gamble much as duration between bets increases the safer the setting so a balance between depth & making more bets.

Personal Tip : I do not include 0 when I am not in a bet as it brings all odds up one depth which does not help ! I only include it in a bet so that it keeps tabs on what I should be betting next in a chase & as I play 3 tables at once I need something to keep track of this.

Personal Tip : Set daily limits & don't waste your life in-front of a computer take this to the real thing and have a bit more fun live.

Personal Tip : Playing in a casino you can open this multiple times and log a number of tables at once. From a distance, then swoop in to start a bet.

Personal Tip : Learn the chases in your head & follow all the depths in your head is a good thing to do. You do this with a card counting method, If interested go to : where you can learn this and other gambling insider info.

Personal Tip : You can increase the depth before you start your betting & limit how far you are happy to go down a chase to save whipping out. This way you are playing on the proability of building your pot at a slower rate with the odd nock down but without killing your pot.

Personal Tip : When using chases they are great against protecting against loses but this is only the case if you can afford to follow them the whole way. I would advise cutting losses on chases rather than clearing out your whole bankroll. It is better to set limits on a chase rather than it take all your funds. I myself set a limit of 8 bets into a chase if I am limiting.

Ways to say thank you & keep this site online + the odd improvment
1. Donate if you have done well.
2. Tell your friends!
3. Give feedback good & bad.
4. Tell us of good casinos that work well so we can recommend them.
5. Tell us of bad casinos that have very deep runs very often!!!
6. If you have done really well or living from this please make a youtube video about your experience. ( tips, tricks, depth of betting, chase type, longest chase, most days without whipping your balance, most widrawn within a day etc.. )

Further Reading look at other rolette systems and the numbers in the Number Store can be used to run simulations: This calculator is being developed to work more strategies, keep coming back to test, re-test and inform us of ideas to include. Youtube is a good source of info, but there are lots of videos trying to sell you things. There is no need for this watch and learn the system they are all out on google for FREE :)

Martingale System ( included within the calculator )
Pivot Roulette System
Winning Roulette System
Fibonacci Roulette System
Garcia Roulette System ( included within the calculator ) << A good documentry on youtube on the family that this is named after.